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CAROL EVE ROSSEN is best known for her work as an actress, appearing on Broadway, in motion pictures, as well as television for such directors as Kazan, Zeffirelli, Gene Saks, and Brian De Palma. More recently, however, her love of language has led her to prose, her first work of nonfiction, COUNTERPUNCH (1988), a second revised paperback edition published in 2021. Although her writing talents have been utilized as a screenplay doctor, she has just completed her latest work of nonfiction - MOTHER GOOSE DRANK SCOTCH, an American Journey: Robert Rossen - in the weeds of family, movies, and Hollywood Marxism, both books available on Amazon.

    MS. ROSSEN last appeared on the New York stage as “Laura” in the Broadway revival of The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams, co-starred with Hal Holbrook, Jo Van Fleet, and Farley Granger. Her Broadway debut was as Robert Preston’s ingenue-leading lady in the comedy hit Nobody Loves an Albatross, directed by Gene Saks. Off-Broadway she starred in Louis Peterson’s To Entertain A Ghost, and in Jack Gelber’s Square in the Eye. Her stage debut in Los Angeles was in John Houseman’s UCLA Theatre Group’s production of The Egg by Felician Marceau, with Carroll O’Connor, later co-starring in Gordan Davidson’s original production of Gethesemene Springs by Harvey Perr, and  in The End of Long Island by Richard Lees, later produced at the Guthrie Theatre. 

    MS. ROSSEN’S motion picture debut was in Elia Kazan’s The Arrangement. She was co-starred in The Stepford Wives, directed by Brian Forbes, as well as in Brian de Palma’s The Fury, with Kirk Douglas and John Cassavetes. 

    Her television credentials number over one hundred, in everything from the much heralded premiere episode of George C. Scott’s East Side/West Side, to Naked Cities, Kildares, Fugitives, Harry O’s, Streets of San Francisco, and later in Barney Miller, Quincy, Archie Bunker’s Place and Law & Order. She has appeared in numerous Movie of the Weeks, including the Emmy Award winning CBS Playhouse The Night the Lights Went Out, 25 Hours in the Life of... with Hal Holbrook, the PBS production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night with Stacy Kearch, and Budd Schulberg’s A Question of Honour, opposite Ben Gazzara. 

    CAROL EVE ROSSEN was born in California, educated in the United States and in Europe, graduating high school at the Overseas School of Rome, and college at Sarah Lawrence. 

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